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Disaster Readiness

Hurricane Season is here...

When you plan your families evacuation strategy, don't forget your pet!

In case of an emergency, here are some tips to follow:

paw_print.jpgWhen you plan your family's evacuation strategy, don't forget your furry friends!

paw_print.jpg Make sure that your pets are current on their vaccinations. Even during an emergency, pet shelters may require proof of vaccines. Please request a vaccinationcertificate from our office to have for your records.

paw_print.jpg Have a current photo of your pet, copies of registration information, adoption papers, microchip number (be sure your pet's registration is current), tattoo or other identification information.

paw_print.jpgBe sure to have a 10-14 day supply of the dry or canned food your pet usually eats along with several gallons of water intended for your pet.

paw_print.jpgHave a properly-sized pet carrier for each animal - carriers should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn around.

paw_print.jpgMedications (at least a 2 week supply) - including heartworm and flea prevention.

paw_print.jpgAlways have a collar with identification on our pet and leash. Take a favorite toy or blanket to comfort your pet.

If you must evacuate for any type of emergency, don't leave your pets behind.

If you are going to a friend or family members home, or to a hotel or motel, make sure you can bring your pet with you. 

Not all hotel and motels are pet friendly, even during an emergency.