Internet Pharmacy Policy

The FDA estimates that upwards of 40% of all medications dispensed through on-line pharmacies are counterfeit, impure, out-of-date or near out-of-date, or have been stored improperly.  This is a staggering number!  All of these issues have a bearing on product safety and effectiveness.  Imagine the number of illnesses and deaths that might be associated with these issues.   

Because of the concern with on-line pharmacies dispensing medications without a proper prescription and concerns over drug safety, purity and effectiveness, many veterinarians have chosen to avoid writing prescriptions out or authorizing them to be filled by an on-line source.  Out of concern for your pet and the knowledge that we cannot control the safety nor effectiveness of what might be sent to you from on-line pharmacies, the veterinarians of Animal Hospital of Humble want you to use precaution and be aware of the risks of buying prescriptions via on-line pharmacies.

Several Internet Pharmacies have been sued or significantly fined for violation of state prescription laws.

It is important to point out that the decision to decline prescriptions to internet pharmacies is not an economic one, but one of safety.  Our first concern is the health of your pet and that means ensuring the accuracy and safety of what we are prescribing.

Another important point is that the manufacturers of medications like Heartgard, Interceptor, Sentinel, Comfortis and Revolution do not sell directly to on-line drug stores.  In fact, these companies do not warranty product purchased from an internet pharmacy because of concerns regarding counterfeit drug, importation, improper labeling and improper storage.  Warranties only apply when the medications are purchased through your veterinarian.

Because of these concerns, the doctors of Animal Hospital of Humble will approve the prescriptions from on-line pharmacies, but are not liable for any product dissatisfaction or defect.  If you have concerns regarding cost of medications, please discuss this with your doctor or one of our staff.